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Terrazzo + Board and Batten DIY Accent Wall

Y’all I am digging this playroom so much now that I’ve brightened up the drab brown wall! Wanna know the best part? It took less than 24 hours and under $100. Bonus: I have leftover BEAUTIFUL paint for the rest of the room!

It all Started with Target

That’s how all good things start, am I right? I’m serious though. All it took was a Sunday (or Tuesday, I can’t really remember) Stroll through the glorious Dollar Spot for me to start daydreaming about this gorgeous accent wall. You see, I spotted these amazing terrazzo wall decals and snatched them up right away!

{only $5 for a pack of 10 sheets!}

Target only had two packages left in stock, so I knew I likely wouldn’t be able to do a whole wall. And you know how the dollar spot can be… a hot item flies off the shelf and then might not come back. So I started brainstorming ideas. You know I love a good diy shiplap, but I’ve been loving the boho style more and more lately and wanted to play on that vibe. I considered doing a painted shiplap half wall. But I also had the itch to try something new!

Okay, I have a confession:

I knew what I was doing before I had my ig-ers vote on accent wall ideas! (Gasp! I know.) I love a good poll though and couldn’t resist learning more about you. Most of you voted against the terrazzo… do you still think I should’ve gone with dots, or have I brought you to the wild side?

Let’s dig in to how I got it done, so you can learn how to build one in your home.

There’s Always Prep Before the Work!


Step 1

Measure & Mark the wall!

I knew I wanted the top board to be level with the half wall on the right. So that was my starting point for measuring. I measured from the window to the wall first, and marked with tape where the top and bottom of the board would sit. Then I found the studs along the wall and marked them with painters tape. My hope was to visualize where the boards would go and how many we would want/need to buy.

I decided to go with a wider board and batten, and skip every other stud. In hindsight, I’m super happy with that choice. Caulking around 4 more boards would’ve been a nightmare!

Once I had an idea of how many vertical slats I wanted, I measured from my bottom tape mark to the top of the baseboard. I didn’t want to have to piece boards together and luckily only had to in the horizontal top board. (More on that later!) I was able to get 2 full vertical slats from one 10 foot board with some to spare! We went with all 1” x 4” common boards for simplicity, and because I just preferred that look when I was in my research phase (aka pinterest scrolling).

Step 2

Let’s go shopping and gather up our materials!

{paint + paint rollers/trays + caulk + wood = $83}
Here’s What We Need:

Aside from the $10 in wall decals 😉

Step 3

Clear out the space and prep the wall for paint. Take down any art or pictures. Remove nails and screws. Patch holes and imperfections in the drywall with this & sand smooth when dry. Wipe down wall with duster & wet cloth. Allow to dry before painting.

Step 4

Because I wanted to get the wall done as quickly as possible, I chose to prime the top half of the wall before hanging the boards. That way while I was cutting the boards and making sure they fit, the wall would be dry in time to top coat it as soon as the boards were hung.

I would typically not worry about using a primer, especially with Behr marquee paint, but since I was covering brown walls with white paint, I wanted to be sure to have the best coverage possible. Oh, and I only had a tiny bit of the actual white paint leftover from another project.

{literally had to scrape the bottom of the can in order to finish the wall!}

Step 5

This is almost my favorite part y’all! I am proud to say I hung these boards (yes, even that 10 footer on the top) ALL BY MYSELF!! Hashtag girl power!


As you can see all boards are the same width (1×4), and I kept the same distance between boards even under the window. There is also a board to the left of the window for visual consistency across the whole wall.

I used the nail gun to attach the boards to the wall. I put two nails in each stud along the top horizontal board. In the vertical slats I put a nail at the top, middle and bottom. Two boards were not sitting flush against the wall (because of bowing boards), so I put a single screw into each board through to the stud. Worked like a charm!

Step 6

Now comes the hard part. Caulk. Yep, I said it.

This project was a momentous one for me! It was my first time caulking. And let me tell you, it shows. But I persisted, even with a cock-eyed, broken caulk gun! It was messy, and imperfect, both of which send me into a full blown anxiety attack… even just writing the words makes me sweat a little. But the feeling I have after completing the wall solo is awesome! I am super proud of myself. I can do hard things friends, and so can you! 😉

*side note: If you want a little laugh, check out my Instagram Terrazzo B&B highlight bubble. Trust me.

Step 7

The caulk I got for this project said you can paint after only 30 minutes! But after a full days work, and the broken caulk gun/first time caulking fiasco, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to paint anymore. And I don’t know that I would’ve unless the girls hadn’t requested to help paint when they got home from school.

Here’s a video of them seeing the paint color for the first time. Needless to say, they were smitten!

Enjoy this timelapse of painting with my girls… sweet, but also anxiety inducing.

{isn’t this wall color a dream!?}

And last, but certainly not least:

Step 8

Terrazzo Time!!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you have anxiety or OCD, this might not be the project for you. I struggle with both of those things, and though I powered through, it likely took me twice as long to hang the stickers.

Every sheet is exactly the same in the pack of 10.

With that said, my brain was definitely overthinking each individual sticker placement:

*Maybe wallpaper would’ve been easier, I don’t know. If you want to try that instead, here are a couple cute terrazzo wallpaper options!

Full Wall Reveal!

Here she is in all her imperfect glory! Let me know what you think friends!

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